There’s no other way to put it — daily sales training is essential.

If your goal is to master selling and all you do is practice every once in a while, then I got some bad news for you.

You’re gonna keep struggling with closing deals and thinking that selling is not for you.

Here’s the deal. You have to decide 100% to go all in on becoming a great salesperson, and that means practicing every single day.

That’s what I did when I first started. For 6 years all I did was improve my sales skill. And It didn’t matter if I was working, driving, at lunch, or on a weekend. I would roleplay and learn sales.

Why? Because the most important thing when it comes to learning a new skill is simply the time spent doing it.

That is why we require our salespeople here in my company to roleplay and train every day.

The best way to think about daily sales training

Imagine two sales guys, Jack and Bob. Bob practices daily, six days a week, for 20 minutes. Jack only practices a couple of times a week for 20 minutes.

Let’s see how their practice time adds up.

After one week, Bob will have spent 120 minutes training, while Jack will have practiced for only 40 minutes. 

Can you see how Jack is already an hour behind Bob, after only one week!? 

Obviously, the gap widens as time goes on. Fast forward a whole year, Jack who practices 20 minutes a day has practiced a little over 100 hours, while Bob who practices only twice a week has a total of about 35 hours.

This is a perfect example to illustrate my point.

Now, take a look at the massive benefits that daily sales training has for your team and company.

1No competition

Do you think most salespeople train every day? 

Hell no. They’re too lazy to do that. That’s why most of them struggle financially. 

Trust me, committing your time every day to learning and practicing the skill of selling will be your ultimate advantage over everybody else.


I don’t care if you know everything about your product or service. If the prospect doesn’t perceive you as confident, you ain’t gonna close him. 

You can offer all the discounts in the world, but if you’re lacking confidence in your sales call, prospects won’t trust you.

And how can you build your confidence in sales? You do that by daily sales training.


Imagine how you’d feel if you knew that you can handle any objection the prospect throws at you because you’ve practiced it thousands of times before.

Wouldn’t that make your prospects trust you and eventually buy from you?


A lot of salespeople lose deals because they talk too much. If you’re on a sales call, the prospect is the one who should be doing most of the talking.

So, when you train every day, you learn how to narrow down your pitch to the exact info your client needs to make their decision.

Now, to 10X both your sales team and company with daily sales training, connect with my team to find out what Cardone University can do to help you get there.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone


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