Couples Fight

Anyone can find a reason to fight with their partner.  Fighting is easy. 

What isn’t always easy is figuring out how NOT to fight over every little thing. 

And yes…

You might feel great calling out your partner over dirty dishes or the socks they left on the bedroom floor.  But consider this: 

If you and your partner are constantly fighting mini-battles… do you really think you can build an empire?  

Of course the answer is no.  Why?

Because, when you play a bigger game, you’ll notice enemies creeping out from every direction.

They might be social media trolls…


Or hidden enemies you might not spot until it’s too late. 

To be clear, I’m not telling you about enemies to put you off building an empire.  

Building an empire is the greatest thing Grant and I ever did.  

I’m telling you this for one crucial reason.  It’s so you realize the importance of having your partner’s back — no matter what.

But like I said earlier…

It isn’t always easy to keep peace with your partner.  Heck, Grant and I used to butt heads constantly before we figured things out.

So I uploaded this quick video for you.

In the video, I share the simple mindset shift that keeps Grant and me aligned… even when he’s driving me crazy.

I also share 3 steps you can take to stop fighting and start operating as a power couple.

It’s only a short video.  

But it packs a serious punch.  Go here to watch it now.  

Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

Create, build, and defend an extraordinary 

career and marriage

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And during this event, one thing you’ll learn is how to fortify your closest relationships.

I don’t know why…

But most business events ignore how important relationships are.

To me, you cannot succeed without successful relationships.

Which is why you need to join me for 10X Ladies on August 4th & 5th.
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