Ever wondered how my 10X Team and I always stay on top of the marketing game? Here are my simple yet highly effective content creation tips that you can use to 10X your own business’ social media presence.

I’ve said it before, but here’s your much-needed reminder:

If no one knows your name, no one’s going to buy from you.

I want my face, name, and message on every social media platform. This is what digital omnipresence is all about.

Every day, my teams and I share content for you to learn and execute what we teach.

Now, I’ll give you an insider look into how we go about this whole content creation thing for our businesses — complete with my personal tips.

The 10X Team’s Top 3 Business Content Creation Tips


Before we create any content, we always have a strategy meeting.

In this meeting, we discuss our business goals and what kind of content will help us achieve — and exceed — these targets.

Start creating content and promoting even before you’ve finalized the offer itself. In doing so, you can create some buzz around it first.


After we have our strategy meeting, it’s time to start the content creation.

We brainstorm ideas for all sorts of content, from YouTube videos to Instagram posts, TikToks, ads, and more.

As a result, we get closer to achieving our company goals every day by pushing our current offers.

That reminds me… I’ve gotta go record a video after this!


Finally, once we have our content created, we then start thinking about how we can repurpose it.

For example, if we have a YouTube video, we’ll create an article, Instagram reel, or TikTok from that main piece of content. This helps us get the most out of what we create, and it allows us to reach more people.

Then, when our campaigns are crushing it, we always note which content got the most engagement, sales, and overall results. We can rinse and repeat the content or ideas again and again. Find what works and keep pushing on that.

Always repeat successful actions.

When it comes to creating powerful assets for business promotion, these are the three content creation tips that my team and I live by. To hear more insider secrets from my top executives, secure your spot at our next Marketing Execution Workshop.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone


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