Alexander Graham Bell spoke into a telephone on March 10, 1876. He simply said, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” Short and to the point. The primary purpose of the phone wasn’t created for the purpose of conversation. Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone to save time. That’s why phone companies now sell you minutes, they sell you time. How will you use it? Fast forward over 100 years and I was cold calling companies in person. I would travel to a city, fly in, rent a hotel, rent a car, spend two weeks in San Antonio, two weeks in Salt Lake City, two weeks in Ft. Lauderdale, two weeks in Indianapolis etc. calling on business owners door-to-door. It took a lot of time. After a while of traveling across the country cold calling door to door, I realized the primary reason the phone was created was not to make conversation, it was to save time and be able to communicate to people at a distance and have them do something for you without having to walk through the house, through the hall, across the estate, go across town, or across the country. So while there are many benefits to cold calling over the phone, saving time is at the top of the list. It takes time and energy to go someplace to talk to someone. Using your phone saves you time and resources. It’s very cost effective—about 6x more than direct mail or advertising. You preempt and dominate the competition by identifying and creating opportunities while crashing through obscurity. It builds your reputation and establishes new relationships—this empowers you. These are all great benefits and reasons for you to start cold calling. Besides saving time, what is the primary purpose of cold calling? The primary purpose of the cold call is to close a sale. You ultimately want to sell your offer and get it exchanged for money. This is the goal. You want to make more sales and grow your business. With this in mind, there are a number of secondary purposes with the cold call you need to have. 1. Identify Decision Makers 2. Identify Influencers 3. Determine What is Needed 4. Create Interest 5. Get an Appointment 6. Get Contact Information for Follow Up 7. Move from Cold to Warm 8. Add to your Pipeline The phone is money. You can literally reach hundreds of people in a day and really multiply your efforts. The little device you have can literally be the single most impactful tool that you have at your disposal as a salesperson, a business owner or an entrepreneur. If you hate the phone you’re going to be at best the big fish in a little, contaminated, pond. You need to get in a big ocean. The cold call gets you in a bigger market. Since Alexander Bell made that first call many different phones have come and gone. Today we have the smartphone, but in the early 1900’s there was the candlestick. Then came the rotary, and by the early 80’s the first cell phones. Looking back at some of the older models makes me glad I live now in 2016, but I assure you I could make money with any phone. The phones we have today can do just about anything, but they can’t make cold calls for you. All the most successful organizations in the world use cold calls with phones to grow their business, and you should too. That means you have to pick up the phone and make the call. Preparation is essential for your success on a cold call because success rewards preparation. You have to know the necessary steps in order to ensure that you have success with your cold calling efforts. In order to become a true master of the cold call, there must be a process. Over the years, I have developed the step by step process on how to conduct the perfect cold call. I also help others create a PERFECT cold call pitch. Objections in a cold call can kill your confidence, your momentum, and your attitude before the call even gets off the ground. You will constantly hear things like:

Not Interested It’s a bad time Need to talk to spouse I need to try it for awhile Let me think about it I didn’t use the last one Leave me some information I bought something like it Don’t have time I never make a rash decision Don’t have the Budget Price is too much
 There are many more common cold call objections no matter the industry and I know EXACT strategies on how to handle them. To be successful selling on the phone, you need to have a planned out schedule on how you will attack your day and I know the best daily rituals for Cold Call success. The point I’m making is that you need advanced tips that you can employ on every call that will dramatically increase your connections and conversions. For today only I’ve put my Master the Cold Call Program on sale for just $99. Obtain a better understanding the basics of cold calling and why the cold call is vital for your success, get advanced tips and become a master on the phone. Be great, GC    

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