To align everyone involved in your business, you need memorable company core values that express your mission and vision.

Core values are what every single company and leader should exemplify. It’s what your customers and prospects will remember when they interact with anyone in your organization. And it’s what your partners will experience when doing business with you. 

Your company’s core values shouldn’t stray too far from who you are and who you want to be. They should be straight-to-the point, but very telling of the type of business you are. 

For example, at Cardone Ventures, we strive to be:


I don’t pay people for their time, I pay them for their results. 

I’m not asking someone to come in, dial the phone a couple times, “try” to sell, and essentially, waste time. No, I’m asking someone to come in, make phone calls, and produce results by closing deals. You see the difference?

And I’m not paying my marketing department to send out random emails and post whatever they want on social media. I’m paying them for the results they produce — the leads they bring in, increased conversions, and wider reach. 

I’m driven by the results I want to produce. And as a leader of a multi-million dollar company, I’m expected to uphold these values not only to myself, but my team, too. 


It’s true that alignment is necessary in order for your team to run as one. Collaboration is the new currency, and without aligning your mission and vision to your team members, you risk way too much confusion. 

Where there is confusion, there is failure. 

Being aligned with the goals of the business will help you be a better leader by getting everyone to understand what’s needed, expected, and what will happen. 


Without discipline, you would have a much harder time completing tasks, achieving your goals, and training for a healthier body. 

And it’s through discipline that you’re able to get things done. It’s the granular, incremental things that you do — every single day — that create discipline. 

Take Cardone Ventures’ accounting department. They need to be disciplined about producing statements at the end of the month, as well as providing daily updates on our monthly targets compared to the previous and benchmark months (as an example). 


If you want something to move faster, then you need to not only be accountable, but you need to hold others accountable, too. 

Being accountable for what you say you’re going to do is incredibly important when it comes to the growth and overall health of your business. Without accountability, things have the potential to be brushed under the rug.

But at Cardone Ventures, we adhere to being accountable — because we know it’s how we’re going to make sure things get done. 


This not only helps gain trust with your team and clients, but it also helps you grow as a business owner and leader. 

Transparency gives you the ability to dive deep into your areas of opportunity because it makes you aware.

It also gives your potential and returning customers the peace of mind of knowing that your business is trustworthy. You’re open about your processes and you don’t try to keep the price from anyone. 


If you’re going to exemplify anything, be inspirational. 

John C. Maxwell says that leadership is “about one life influencing another.” 

He inspired me. So, I wanted to inspire other business owners successfully grow and scale their businesses. 

And because of that, every single person inside of Cardone Ventures exemplifies what it’s like to be inspirational. Either through their actions, achievements, or contributions, inspiration is at the core of our values.

Now, it’s your turn.

Let’s talk about core values and why they’re so important when building 10X teams. Schedule a call for access to the upcoming People Essentials Workshop, where we hone in on how to align your team members with your mission, vision, and core values  

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