College Attendance

For many years, most people thought a degree was a must to get a good job or make a decent living. That led me to earn an accounting degree that didn’t help me succeed. Now, a survey reveals that more people agree with me about college attendance… 

Fewer Americans Feel A Degree is WORTH IT 

Before we get into why U.S. citizens are shying away from higher education, consider this… 


Via USA Today

That is not an insignificant amount of money. And, one of the nasty truths about inflation is that everyone is taking a closer look at everything. 

Therefore, Forbes might have been surprised by the Pew Research Center study on the topic, but I wasn’t… 

Here are some interesting stats from that 5.200-person study that foreshadows a decline in college attendance: 

  • 47% say college is worth it with no debt
  • 22% believe it is beneficial even with debt
  • 29% think it isn’t beneficial at any cost

Further, employers are not valuing degrees as much either… 

More Employers Don’t Require College Attendance Anymore

A very frustrating and discouraging thing about job hunting would be when the job posting required a certain degree. 

That always made it feel like without that fancy piece of paper, your application would go directly to the trash. 

However, a new trend is emerging called “skills-based hiring. It is exactly what it sounds like…

You are hired for your abilities and potential — no college attendance is required. 

I think this is the right approach and have implemented it in my businesses for years…

What do you think? Can someone succeed without attending university? 

Well, whether you did or not, be great. 

— Grant Cardone 

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