Coach Stormy made a rockstar appearance at 10X Growth Conference 2022. My fellow Empire Builder shared 3 valuable steps to creating the ‘billion-dollar energy’ that everyone in the room could feel.

About a year ago, Stormy Wellington told the President of Grant Cardone Enterprises, Jarrod Glandt, that she belonged on the 10X Growth Con stage.

Fast forward to this year — and she is here as an unforgettable speaker.

Stormy’s stage presence was strong, and it came across as effortless at the same time. It reflects her equally powerful career and her countless accomplishments in the network marketing industry.

She attributed this to three things she learned that changed her life.

Coach Stormy’s 3 Steps to Generating ‘Billion-Dollar Energy’

1“Be intentional with everything.”

First of all, Stormy has a clear idea of what she wants to achieve with every action. And she carries out each step with intention.

If you’re not fully aware of what you’re doing or your desired outcome, your results will be unpredictable.

Acting intentionally has empowered Stormy to build a thriving empire.

2“Know what you’re causing to happen.”

On stage, Coach Stormy also introduced the audience to what she calls “The Law of Causation”.

An easy way to define this is knowing everything that happens to you is because of you.

3“Decide to make it against all odds.”

Finally, the choices you make tie everything together.

When I wrote Stormy Wellington’s 10X Ladies Spotlight story, I shared her incredible journey of overcoming difficult circumstances. She decided to make it against all odds, and this has fueled her success, ‘billion-dollar energy’, and empire.

In the end, Coach Stormy was on the 10X Growth Conference 2022 stage because she saw it first — then she worked for it.

And now, she’s one of our all-star guests for the Unbreakable Business Challenge.

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Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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