Who remembers when Clubhouse was hot? Everyone was on this app back in January 2021.

It seemed like yesterday when exclusive Clubhouse parties were all the hype! So what exactly led to its sudden, inexplicable, declining popularity?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people would’ve lost their minds out of panic, fear and isolation without audio/video streaming technology. 

The past two years have seen the biggest boom in audio and video streaming culture. Statistically, the global streaming market is valued at $50.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a whopping 21.0% CAGR.

Clubhouse, one of the biggest profiting companies in this surge, was founded in 2020 and valued at $4 billion — Seriously, WHAT?

Wait – Why Did Clubhouse Go Viral, In The First Place?

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A highly restrictive platform like Clubhouse went viral with apps like Facebook, Discord, Instagram, etc., already being in the picture. 

Meanwhile, everybody is surprised how a call-only app makes it so big in advanced and competitive markets.

Here’s the truth: the Unique Selling Proposition of Clubhouse offers a high sense of exclusivity that pooled in 10 million users in a year

Clubhouse enables users to experience being in the same room with global business barons and A-list celebrities.

From tech icons like Mark Zuckerberg to paparazzi-friendly Hollywood icons like Tiffany Haddish, 21 Savage, Meek Mill, etc. Clubhouse allowed users to have private conversations with whoever they idolized.

Randomly joining a Clubhouse session isn’t a thing, and you’d need an invite to every room. Anyone could install this app, but joining sessions aren’t possible without an invite.

Also, there’s no room for distracting meme content, videos, and memes. This platform is for business people and loves to engage in deep, meaningful conferences.

What Does The Future For The Clubhouse App Look Like?

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking too good for Clubhouse anymore. Although it witnessed the most monthly downloads in February at 9.6 million, it dropped to 900,000 in April

BBC claims that Clubhouse was allegedly accused of data spillage and privacy-related issues, which explains the initial heat that led to the gradual decline in the hype.

Also, many users have been pointing out the underlying accessibility issues that hamper the user experience. 

The app missed out on some fundamental and necessary features a live streaming app must include increasing exclusivity.

Clubhouse isn’t the best for users with a comparably weak vision, as it doesn’t support the introductory text resizing feature. A Forbes article also claims that it is unusable for people with hearing issues due to not having a live captioning feature. 

To Sum Up…

Although Clubhouse got dumped by Twitter regarding the much-awaited acquisition deal, the app still holds its own against the biggest apps on the market. 

CEO Paul Davison had claimed that the app had 10 million active users in March

The Clubhouse party isn’t the talk of the town right now, maybe, but it’s far from being over. 

Also, with the latest Android compatibility release, things may start going uphill soon for team Clubhouse.

So, where do you start?

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