Cindy Colly 10X Hub Entrepreneur

The Grant Cardone Foundation receives continuous news from the 10X Hub in South Africa on how the program is changing lives. With the conclusion of their annual Pitch-Off, the updates are more compelling than ever. Let’s talk about winner Cindy Colly and her award-winning business…

At the 10X Hub Pitch-Off, participants in the program get the opportunity to win funds for their business ventures. This is incredible, as many of these aspiring entrepreneurs have no access to electricity or running water, let alone internet. 

In South Africa, 55.5% of the population lives below the poverty level, which equates to about 30.3 million people. The 10X Hub is looking to change the statistics. 

Cindy Colly is just one of the trailblazers we hope will help turn the tide. 

Cindy Colly Transformed Her Strengths into a Business

When we caught up with Cindy after her big win, she shared how her mother and family inspired her to start her own company.

Cindy Colly 10X Hub Entrepreneur

However, it took a while before she found the right industry to step into. 

Colly’s company, Hlubza Hiring, began when she rented out some of her personal equipment for an event. She found that event coordination, hiring, and event decor suited her adventurous and outgoing personality. 

Nonetheless, at 37 years old, she had struggles and worries about staying relevant. That’s where lessons from the 10X Hub stepped in to help. 

“Change is the only constant and you have to continuously adapt,” Cindy Colly remarked as one of her biggest takeaways from the Hub. 

The incubation program has allowed her to fortify the abilities which make her business great — her dedication to people and relationships. 

The goal of the Grant Cardone Foundation is to empower people like Cindy Colly with resources to leverage their unique talents and become successful. 

Here’s to more 10X-ers in the world! 

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