Change: I Hate It! – Grow a Pair Sneak Preview

We all hate change. Change forces us to . . . you guessed it, CHANGE! Who wants to do that? Not me. Not you. I like it just the way it is. So do you. The problem is that if you keep doing things the way you have always done it then you are going to go out of business. The market is changing. Your competitors are changing. The employment base is changing. What used to work, doesn’t work like it used to. So you have to change since everything around you is changing. How do you do that? Larry will share what he considers to be the key to dealing with change and then interview one of the world’s leading change experts, Randy Pennington. Randy’s book, Make Change Work, is one of Larry’s all-time favorite business books and he recommends it to everyone as a text book on how to deal with change. Watch this one and take notes! For more information, go to


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