Many of the owners behind Jax Truckies are entrepreneurs who are trying break out in the food industry. Investing in a food truck is a great way to get started.  With its low costs, compared to opening a full restaurant and hiring a full staff, its ability to bring the food to customers, food trucks are a great culinary resource.  Mike Field and Caron Streibich, one of the founding members of Jax Truckers, used the concept of food trucks to help in tactical urbanism to help revitalize parts of Jacksonville.


What is tactical urbanism?  It is an awesome way to put together inexpensive and independent events or projects that focus on improving cities.  By using the food trucks, their mobility makes it easy to plan events in places around the city that may be considered dead space and make them come alive!  Some of these spaces include empty parking lots or garages that are have no retail shops around to help make the neighborhood more walkable. Or maybe they just want to feed the hungry swimmers at Nocatee water park! When implementing food truck concept, Mike and Caron did their research first.  They reached out to the owners of O’Brothers and Mossfire Grill in Riverside who owned a food truck called Run Buss’n Your Chops.  Their truck is Jacksonville’s first food truck.  When talking to the owners they were surprised to find that the restaurant was in the process of closing their food truck down due to the heavy fines the city was placing on owning a food truck in the city. Surprised by all the red tape and obstacles these business owners were going through just to keep their food truck, they decided to step in and help make a change.  They saw food trucks as not only a great opportunity for startups but also as a way to create events that will bring people together and help revitalize areas in Jacksonville. In March of 2012, they officially started Jax Truckies.  By working to change local ordinances and by showing the city council how Jacksonville can benefit from these food trucks, Jax Truckies are really changing the way people think about how not only how to revitalize certain city areas but are seeing the great opportunity food trucks bring to someone who wants to break out in the culinary business.  These Jax Truckies events bring a community of people together. Some would be surprised by the quality of food that these trucks cook out.  Most of people who are running these trucks have an impressive culinary background.  If you are a foodie, a Jax Truckies event is a must see.  There are so many varieties of cuisines available with Jax Truckies.  From burgers to tacos and even seafood, you can find a little of everything among these trucks. To get a full list of what types of cuisine Jax food trucks are serving up and where,  you can follow Jax Truckies on their Facebook page.  On there they have a full list of all the trucks available at each event.  Their Facebook page has over 1,600 people following.  Every morning, their page is updated with information of where Jax Truckies will be that day.


Jax Truckies participate in many events and charities.  Many of these events are used as demonstrations towards changing local ordinances to hopefully encourage small business growth.  Not only do they bring amazing and fun crowds at these events but they also raise money for many charities such as the Children’s Miracle Network and Second Harvest of North Florida.  Jax Truckies can say that they have donated 18,200 meals to the needy to date. Mike Field and Caron Streibich are a great example on how you can take a goal or concept and with the right partnerships and a little preservation, you can accomplish anything.  Sometimes, it really just takes that first step.  Jax Truckies are making great strides in improving the city of Jacksonville by hosting events that keep great crowds coming!


At the Nocatee Water Park you’ll find Food Truck Nights that happen every month.  This splash park is fairly new as well, as it opened in March of 2010.  Their partnership with Jax Truckies has been beneficial on both sides. Food trucks serve Nocatee’s guests and the guests support budding chefs and entrepreneurs.
There is so much to do at Nocatee Splash Water Park.  This resort style waterpark has something for everyone in your family.  There is a children’s playground, sand volleyball court and their famous Rip Tide Slider can boast at being the highest water slide tower in Northeast Florida.  Smaller children can also enjoy the water with their very own Splash Cove which is only 18 inches deep.  Their zipline, which is a new addition to the park, is a must try!  For a fun night, come out for Food Truck Nights, to taste some yummy treats by Jax Truckies where you can enjoy live entertainment as well.


Nocatee, Florida is one of the newest, up-and-coming areas of greater Jacksonville. Its highly desired location near top rated St. Johns County school districts and close proximity to both Interstate 95 and the beaches make the many Nocatee communities a top choice for homebuyers. It’s the third best-selling community in America! Several new developments comprise the more than 13,000 acres of this unincorporated town just south of metro Jacksonville. Nocatee water park is a popular attraction, but a private members-only feature open to residents and their guests.


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