Provide Alternative Investment Opportunities in the Lower Middle Market

The best investments won’t go to just the wealthiest anymore. In line with Grant Cardone’s mission to democratize access to segments of the market typically reserved for the wealthy, Cardone Ventures announces the launch of Cardone Equity Group, a private equity firm focused on providing accredited investors exceptional outcomes through unlocking value in lower middle-market businesses. Accredited investors will have access to invest in private equity investments—typically reserved for institutional investors—alongside Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson. Cardone Equity Group’s investments will utilize Cardone Ventures’ proven sales, marketing, and scaling strategies to create growth in the private marketplace.

“Our team of experts will work with business owners to scale their businesses to the next stage of growth and development while preserving their culture,” says Brandon Dawson, Co-founder and managing partner of Cardone Equity Group.

Last time this happened, Grant Cardone, founder of Cardone Capital, transformed real estate investing by crowdfunding $700 million in under 36 months to acquire $3.5 billion in multi-family real estate. Additionally, in less than 24 months, Cardone Ventures has amassed over a quarter billion dollars under management with an additional half-billion in the pipeline across dozens of different SMB verticals. “Organizing, professionalizing, and optimizing these traditionally fragmented businesses is core to our growth strategy, preparing them for industry consolidation, while preserving and maximizing equity value for owners,” says Dawson.

Brandon Dawson, Co-founder of Cardone Ventures, has acquired over 100 businesses in his career, taking his first company public at age 29 and exiting his last business for 77x EBITDA. Together, they bring over 35 years of success in growing and scaling businesses.

The 10X community has millions of engaged business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and forward-thinkers seeking to define the marketplace today and tomorrow.

Their proprietary deal flow, fueled by exclusive access to the 10X community, will give Cardone Equity Group unrivaled access to lower middle market businesses in need of growth equity or new leadership for scaling into new markets and providing exposure to outside expertise. Their proven strategies include working with millions of engaged business owners to realize their strengths and opportunities in the marketplace while utilizing a data-driven approach.

About Cardone Equity Group: The mission of Cardone Equity Group is to focus on uncommon opportunities to provide exceptional outcomes for business owners and investors. Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson understand the years of hard work it takes to build a business, and they bring a 10X growth mindset to help business owners reach the next level. Their proprietary systems and processes, combined with industry experts, opens the door to massive growth opportunities.

H/T: Global Newswire

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