Cardi B and Offset
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There is no shortage of money, and great service should always be appreciated accordingly. That’s exactly what Cardi B and Offset demonstrated Monday evening with a huge tip after dining in NYC.

Earlier this week, rappers Offset, Cardi B, and their team enjoyed dinner at a well-known restaurant in Brooklyn.

However, the highlight of the night was the massive appreciation that the superstar hip-hop couple showed to the staff.

After receiving a $3k bill, they left a generous $1,400 tip for their servers, as reported by Page Six.

The restaurant owner, Robert Cummins aka ‘Don Pooh’, shared the article on his Instagram stories, which appears to confirm the numbers.

And it’s not the first time the couple demonstrates generosity towards waitstaff. During a previous date night at the same restaurant, they tipped the servers 50%, leaving $1,000 for a thousand-dollar bill.

So, what can we learn from Cardi B and Offset’s tipping habits?

Why it’s important to reward great service

Let me tell you a personal story.

Back when I was living in Los Angeles, I would go to a well-known area called The Grove. When I’d pull up to valet, my car would be taken by one of two people.

The first guy always greeted me with a big smile, a positive attitude, and he’d pay extra attention to me and my wife. As a result, he would always get a C-note as a tip.

On the other hand, the second valet would do exactly the opposite. No smile, bad attitude, going through the motions. He didn’t seem like he even wanted to be there.

Guess what kind of tip the other attendant would receive? 1/10th of that.

That’s how much a positive attitude and amazing service are worth.

Cardi B and Offset’s servers go above and beyond to make their dining experience incredible. The first valet I was telling you about would do the same.

The results of their efforts are the same — massive tips for massive service.

So, when workers do everything to make sure you enjoy an incredible experience, make sure that you also reward that attitude accordingly.

H/T: Complex


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