Convince Your Customers To Buy With Content, Part 2: Social Media Posts

Written content doesn’t just have to be in the form of blogs and articles. You can still communicate your brand and drive sales with shorter posts. Just make sure that you aren’t just pushing the hard sale all the time, but also providing genuinely helpful information for your clients and potential clients!

Social Media Posts


These are the posts you write directly into the status box on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. They are short, sweet, and to the point.


Since these kinds of posts are so short, people are likely to read them. They also can feel more personal than links, even if you wrote the content on the other side of the link. Post your thoughts, updates, and promotions you are offering.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are the big ones.


You don’t have enough space to back up what you say, which means your message can easily be taken out of context or confused.  

Do Both: Communicate Your Brand Any Way You Can

Nothing says you have to pick one kind of material and stick to just that. In fact, if you only write articles, you might be missing out on some natural engagement that happens with status updates and posts. And if you are only posting statuses, then where is the context and back up?

Pixel506 Can Write Content for You

We love helping companies with their content marketing and social media strategies. Need blog posts, but don’t have the time or ability to do them yourself? Give us a shout. We can help.


  1. Blogs and Articles: Opportunity well-written, polished descriptions, explanations, and opinions.
  2. Social Media Status Updates: Great for quick, thoughts, updates, or promotions.

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