For over a decade, you’ve witnessed new entrepreneurs get eaten alive by the Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den investors. So, what’s the secret to pitching your business and making your presentation unforgettable?

If you’ve got a wildly creative idea that solves a need in the market, that’s not enough to get an investor’s attention.

These are my must-know business pitching tips that will start you off on the right foot and get investors ready to make you and your business as profitable as possible.

My 5 Must-Know Business Pitching Tips

1Keep it short and sweet

One of the most important business pitching strategies is to keep things short and sweet.

Get your point across quickly and efficiently without losing the investor’s attention. Be clear and concise in your delivery and have a well-thought-out pitch deck with visuals that are easy to follow.

Keep it under ten minutes, maintain the pace, and don’t rush. The key here is to get to your point without going off on a tangent.

2Tell a story

When you’re pitching your business, you want to tell a story that captures their attention.

Storytelling works in sales, and it works when convincing someone to invest in your business idea. Investors are only interested in numbers for a fraction of the presentation.

The real persuasion is behind your story and how you craft it.

3Describe your product or service

Instead of telling your potential investors about it, bring your product and show it to them. If it’s still in the process of being built, use a prototype).

If you’re going to tell them something, talk about that “aha!” moment when you realized your product or service would change the game.

Let them touch it and use it if possible during your pitch. That way, they can get a feel for what they’re investing in.

4Define the USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Anyone can create a digital course, a vacuum, a doggy bag, or baby essentials.

What makes your business stand out from your competitors?

This is what will make you shine and get investors to take notice during your pitch. To do so, you need to be very clear on who your target market is and how beneficial your business will be for them.

5Know your numbers

KPIs are just as important. Investors want to be sure your product or service is profitable. They’ll want to see numbers that back up your claims, so have them ready.

This goes beyond saying, “my product is selling like crazy!” You need to show them the numbers that prove it.

And explain how you plan on using their funding to increase your sales and dominate the market.

If you’re an entrepreneur, the success of your business depends heavily on how well you present yourself to potential investors and clients.

Knowing how to pitch your business is essential to securing the funding you need to get started.

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