While massive company results should be your priority, what’s there to do if your business is growing too fast and you can’t keep up?

When you’re growing and not properly setting yourself up to scale, you run the risk of self-imploding.

Anything that’s currently not working in your company will only be magnified and highlighted as you scale.

To avoid these rookie mistakes, this is what you need to do.

Double down on customer experience

When business is booming, that’s exactly when you want to 10X your customers’ experience like never before.

What does this look like?

  • Be specific. Offer options to clients with numbers attached to them. Don’t be vague, and always have some alternatives ready. Put yourself in their shoes — how do other companies earn your business as a customer?
  • Have a great attitude. It is the #1 thing your customers will pay for. No matter what’s going down, make sure your team welcomes clients with a smile.

Expand your team

At Cardone Ventures, to keep up the pace with business growth, we constantly add new members to our teams across departments. The more people you strategically hire, the more you can keep up with demand.

“If you grow your payroll, you will grow your revenue.”

— Grant Cardone

If you want to reach — and maintain — 10X levels, then you gotta do it right. And that’s our #1 focus at Cardone Ventures. Schedule a call with the team to ensure your monster business growth goes as smoothly as possible.


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