Triggering a big business breakthrough can be tough if you don’t know where to go — or what’s stopping you from getting there.

Look, I get it. I see so many business owners stuck in pre-growth stages, unable to break through the glass ceiling. 

I understand because I’m an entrepreneur at heart. And I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to limit yourself based on past behavior and old beliefs.

Let Me Put Things into Perspective with a Story about My Very First Company

I’d built this company from the ground up. I poured all my heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into it. 

Then one day, when the private equity group that funded my business decided to sell the company, I got nothing.

I’d hit rock bottom, and I had no idea how to come back from it.

I could have let the loss dictate my next moves in life, yet I refused to allow the situation to define me.

Instead, I reframed it as my business breakthrough

Right then and there, I vowed to never build a company with someone else’s funds. I learned how to create and grow businesses with zero money and no need for capital. 

First, I kept showing up even when the going got tough. 

Next, I confronted my false belief of identifying with failure. 

Lastly, I set a powerful intention for my future in business — and followed through.

You see, it’s not one huge thing which transforms your business. 

Instead, a breakthrough occurs as a result of all the actions you take to improve both your company and yourself. 

So, How Can You Trigger a Business Breakthrough?

1. Show Up

You are in charge of your surroundings. No one else. 

It’s your responsibility to show up in an environment with people, resources, and opportunities which facilitate breakthroughs.

Show up at a conference where like-minded individuals can provide an alternative point of reference for your business.

Show up by investing in a workshop, webinar, or mastermind. For example, join the next 10X360 to access proven strategies for business growth while expanding your network of successful entrepreneurs.

Even reading the right book can spark and fuel transformation.

But, if you don’t hold yourself accountable for showing up, you can’t expect a business breakthrough to appear out of thin air.

Put yourself in a position to see things differently and ignite the change your company needs to grow and scale.

2. Identify the “Why”

Think about it like this. How would you come up with a solid solution for a problem you’re not clear about?

Before you try to trigger a breakthrough, figure out what the bottleneck is. What issue, system malfunction, or false belief is there — and the reason why this problem exists. 

For example, when you’re hit with a low belief, you start to run into more people problems than you’d think…

Say you have a new employee, who’s super excited and ready to hit the ground running. The team member has great ideas — yet you shoot them all down! 

You say, “Oh, we’ve tried this idea before and it didn’t work.” 

Did the idea not work because it was a bad idea?

Or because you didn’t execute properly?

Or maybe you didn’t have enough data to make it work?

Were you using the right tools, systems, strategies, and people for this project?

Sometimes, a breakthrough means going back over the cracks and diving deep into why a certain idea didn’t work. 

After all, ideas are a dime a dozen. The money is in the execution.

And this analytical approach helps you gather the necessary data to get the idea or project right the next time around. 

3. Act with Intent

Massive action is the foundation of Grant’s 10X Rule. And if you don’t act with intent and in great quantities, you won’t be moving towards a business breakthrough anytime soon.

The more training and activity you carry out with intention, the better you’ll get at finding and solving problems. 

As you take massive action every day, pay attention to all the incremental changes along the way:

  • How did your team put out that small fire?
  • What resources did you use to streamline a specific process?
  • Where and when were you required to adapt, and how did you do it?

Remember — a business transformation isn’t a one-time “aha” moment, but rather the sum of all the small improvements which build up to a breakthrough.

It’s a process, not an event.

In summary, you have to show up with your “why” in mind and act with intent — every single day. 

Put in the work and the transformational breakthrough will come precisely when your business needs it the most.

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