When looking at yourself through the lens of leadership, building your future self is everything. As a leader, everything you do today has an impact on your future. 

If you want to build a 10X business with an exceptional team and attractive financial outlook, you need to understand that it all boils down to leadership.

And The foundation of leadership is influence.

This is something that I learned from my good friend and mentor, John C. Maxwell.

In his book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership”, he talks about the law of the lid

What is the Law of the Lid?

It means that your leadership ability is the lid that determines your level of effectiveness.

The lower your ability to lead, the lower the lid on your potential. The higher your ability to lead, the higher the lid on your potential.

For example, on a scale of 1-10, say you rate yourself as a six on leadership. Well, according to the law of the lid, you will have a hard time attracting and retaining anyone with a belief lid higher than five because your effectiveness would be a five. 

The importance of confidence in leadership

To build your future self in leadership, pay attention to how you think and react to make better, more informed, confident decisions

Confident business owners achieve success bigger, better, and faster. 

You build that confidence by making smarter choices, duplicating your successes, and seeing your cash flow 10X as a result.

So, what will your future self in leadership look like?

You need to be asking yourself where you want to be in a year. Then, move to 5, 10, 15 years.

After that, get serious about where your passions and dreams lie. You need to ask yourself what you truly want personally, professionally, and financially.

Then, you stop at nothing to achieve them. 

Trust me, your future self will thank you. 

All in all, leadership is the glue that holds a great business together. It’s about inspiring your people and driving them toward hitting targets, accomplishing their goals, and growing the business.

It takes time to learn all this, and thankfully, my team and I have been able to condense all my years of experience, training, and knowledge, into a comprehensive two-day program:

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