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People always ask me, “Grant, how do I grow my brand?” While there are several ways, you need to first think of branding as burning your thought or idea into the mind of the consumer. Another important tip to remember is that there are only 2 reasons why your business will fail–it’s either cus people don’t know you or people forgot you. In my interview with Fire Nation, I discussed success, marketing strategies, and ‘How I Built a Billionaire Brand‘. Read highlights from the interview below.

Interview with Fire Nation on the ‘Entrepreneurs on Fire’.

1Share something that you believe about becoming successful that most people disagree with.

  • Success should not be considered an optional moment in life.
  • For a person to be truly happy in life, they have to be winning in life and in business.
  • Life is hard with money, and it’s almost impossible without it.

2You’ve developed incredibly impactful marketing strategies over the years. What are some of your favorites?

Grant and his brother, Gary, in baseball uniforms
  • My team and I sold out an event with 34,000 people. 2000 seats were given to veterans and first responders, but there were 32,600 seats purchased.
  • My dream as a kid was to become a professional baseball player. Drugs stole that dream away. At the age of 60 I didn’t become a baseball player, but I filled up a baseball park with 34,000 people and inspired them to do something great.

3The world is ready for the next 10x Growth Conference. What do you have planned?

  • My team and I spent spent $6 million on this event. Great lights, staging, and a big list of celebrities with some of the most influential people on earth.
  • We made a virtual option for the next 10x Growth Conference where people can watch from home. If you can’t watch it real time, you can still watch it later for just $97 by visiting 10x Growth Conference 2022–100% satisfaction guaranteed or get your money back!
  • Beneath the “Businessman Grant”, the “Money Guy Grant”, and the “Real Estate Guy Grant”, is an artist. All great business people are really artists. They know how to create visions and futures.

4Grant’s key takeaway and call to action to Fire Nation!

  • Start thinking about how you can get your life 10x better than it is right now. The more you have, the easier your life is going to get. Bigger is better.
  • Most people quit before the miracle takes place. If you don’t quit, you cannot fail. You can lose, and be good at losing, but never learn how to quit.
  • If you don’t learn how to quit, you will succeed at some point.

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Listen to full podcast interview below.


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