How to Break Out of Your Routines

How do you keep your marriage and your business fresh? How do you get out of a rut? How do you shock the system? How do you break things up and keep things electric? If you get stuck on autopilot it kills your motivation. You need adventure. You need mystery to stay motivated and keep up massive action. The definition of a rut is, “a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change.” Are you in a rut? Is your business in a rut? Are your kids in a rut? How to Break Out of Your Routine: 1. Make a commitment to breaking out of the rut. 2. Talk to new people, network. 3. Change your environment. 4. Look for different things, things that have changed. 5. Switch roles with your spouse. Why do people say, “I’m gonna settle down and ___________”? You’re not cement. You shouldn’t be settling for anything. Share this show with anyone who is in a rut; family, friends, co-workers, anyone. —- About The G&E Show: Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the subject of how to balance business, marriage and family and 10X them all. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Join them every Wednesday at 12 pm EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.”


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