In general, brand partnerships get a bad rap. Many people don’t want to sell out or feel like they “owe” a corporation something… 

For this reason, the majority of individuals I meet all talk about how they want to be entrepreneurs or start their own businesses. Everyone wants to do things their own way and be their own boss. 

It sounds great on paper.

However, the fact that 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years shows the harsh reality of solopreneurship.

Believe it or not, strategic brand partnerships can offer many of the same freedoms as running your own company — with less risks. 

So before you write it off, let’s take a real look at entering an arrangement like this… 

3 Massive Benefits of Brand Partnerships

Of course, there are the obvious financial benefits of partnering with an established brand. You don’t have the monetary burden of setting up a business or all the costs associated with operating one. 

However, I want to show you a few advantages people tend to overlook when considering affiliation. 

1. Social Media & Marketing Domination

These days, you are dead in the marketplace without a massive social media presence. Unfortunately, organically growing your brand online is a long, arduous process. 

In contrast, a partnership with household names — especially with the content you post — can get you major traction on social media.

Increased exposure equals more effective marketing of your business within theirs.

Online support from a brand partnership and other affiliates can light your social media on fire. Don’t underestimate that kind of power.

2. Credibility & Authority

The truth is that people buy from those they know and trust. Consumers believe that Apple will create reliable phones and computers because of their 30+ year track record. 

On your own, you don’t have that kind of authority in the beginning. 

This where brand partnerships give you another boost…

Immediately, you have the reputation and guarantees of the company behind you. 

The big-name partner’s products and services have produced proven results. As such, buyers feel safer doing business with you. 

Credibility with your clients is invaluable to your success in business. And anything that supports this is like gold. 

3. Potential to 10X Your Audience

Imagine having immediate access to an audience of multi-millions and having their attention… 

What would that do for your bottom line? 

Prospects already involved in the well-known brand you partner with will now know who you are. These people who may have never known you otherwise can now either transact with you or be a touchpoint to someone else. 

At the very least, this gives you the opportunity to spread your message like wildfire through their louder speakers

But what are some examples of what a smart, reliable, and strategic brand partnership can do for you? 

The Power of the Grant Cardone Licensee Program

By now, it should be clear that I believe in brand partnerships. I believe in them so much I decided to create my own affiliate opportunity — The Grant Cardone Licensee Program

I founded the Licensee Program not only because the business structure is solid…

But I also want the people I touch to have a partnership option — with me — they know they can count on. 

Today, my licensees’ results speak volumes…

“I have tripled my income in 30 days in the program.”

— Dee Dee Kai, Grant Cardone Licensee

To ensure my licensees have everything they need to succeed, they get access to all my Cardone University training materials to make more sales. 

“This program helps you by giving you the tools and confidence, which is the foundation of you creating a 10X impact.”

— Dani, Grant Cardone Licensee

With my name and training in their arsenal, they are able to sell these materials as well as deliver them in seminars and classes.

In turn, they can assist others and create their own financial freedom. 

“I worked in the Health and Wellness industry for over ten years… and COVID was a real wakeup call… I started listening to Grant and that helped me, so I joined the program… Within my first three weeks of enrolling, I had three paid clients.”

— Socrates, Grant Cardone Licensee

If you’re ready to become a 10X success story, click the image below to book a call with the Grant Cardone Licensee team ⬇

At the end of the day, there are two options for building a business.

One where you slash your way through the marketplace on your own…

Or partner with someone who knows the shortcut through the jungle. 

Allow me to guide you to greatness, 

Grant Cardone

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