At all costs, avoid those who refuse to assume responsibility for every outcome in their life. Irresponsible people not only hold you down, but they also limit themselves from success.

And don’t give them “the preach.” Don’t try to convince them to be responsible. Don’t even have the conversation with them. It’s just going to be an argument.

Just avoid them.

Remove people who refuse to accept responsibility from your life. If you can’t change their mind, if you can’t get them to see the light of day, just leave them alone.

Why should you cut off irresponsible people?

You’re probably thinking, “Man, Grant, seems like you’re pretty quick to get rid of people.”

There are 7 billion people on the planet. I am looking for the right ones.

That means that I’ve got to throw away some of the furniture in my house. You understand?

Every deal you make is not a good deal. Every client you have is not a good client. You’ve got to make a decision to get rid of something to make room for what you want.

You have choices. It’s called “freedom.” If you’re surrounded by people who continue to be irresponsible, guess what those people are going to end up doing with you?

They’ll say, “It’s your fault!” Sooner or later, baby, they’re going to be pointing the finger at you.

Accountability is so important to achieve and maintain success.

The people you surround yourself have a direct impact on your success.

So, it’s your call. Will you choose to keep irresponsible people in your circle and make excuses for them? Or will you hang out with highly successful, motivated, and driven individuals who want to leave something phenomenal behind?

You already know my choice. Now, it’s time to make yours.

Success is your duty,

Grant Cardone

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