Bitcoin Prediction

The cryptocurrency that started it all has had an exciting year, to say the least. While the hype has calmed down, a new Bitcoin prediction suggests something big on the horizon. Because behind the scenes, programmers have been teaching the old blockchain new tricks… 

On Mar 12, 2024, Bitcoin price surged to its highest-ever value. Nonetheless, after the halving event — that occurs with BTC every four years — its value has remained stable…

Not the explosive boom some crypto enthusiasts suspected.  

But, investors in that space may have a bigger, better catalyst on their hands according to expert’s Bitcoin prediction. 

All of which involve the potential of BTC’s Ordinals protocol and BRC-20 tokens. 

BTC’s Blockchain Gets an Upgrade

CEO of the crypto-exchange Bitget, Gracy Chen, shared this with Business Insider.

“The Ordinals protocol enabled the growth of memecoins on the bitcoin blockchain, leading to a surge in liquidity within the BTC ecosystem in record time. Since the protocol’s inception, tens of thousands of BRC-20 tokens, with a combined market capitalization exceeding $2 billion, have been issued.”  

All that is to say that you can do more on the Bitcoin blockchain than just buy and hold Bitcoin. That opens up the door to exchange other cryptocurrencies on it and NFTs in the future which has paid off for competitors… 

Bitcoin Prediction Banks on Past Crypto Track Record 

Naturally, more opportunities to work within the Bitcoin ecosystem will create more demand. 

But how much can that make a difference? 

Well, consider the 3,702% rise Ethereum experienced in 2020 when it launched similar features… 

Even if Bitcoin had a fraction of that success, the optimistic predictions would have merit. 

Once the numbers are in, we’ll report if BTC’s revamp pays off. 

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