10X Growth Conference 2022 has the highest net worth line-up we’ve ever had — but who is the biggest speaker of them all?

Listen, you ain’t ready for the heat we’re gonna bring to this year’s 10X Growth Con. There will be more net worth in the building than all the previous editions combined. Read that again.

The world’s #1 business conference just got larger than life, baby. I’m talking hard numbers. 

Picture this: There are only 724 billionaires in the U.S. — and five of them are 10X Growth Conference speakers in 2022. 

One speaker is responsible for $94 billion in revenue.

And another is the most famous person on the planet today.

Billionaire. Global leader. Business master.

You already know that only the best business speakers in the world take the stage at Growth Con. Year after year, we put you face to face with world-class experts in the hottest industries. That’s why Forbes voted it the #1 must-attend Marketing and Business conference

But 2022 is on a whole new level, with the biggest speaker you could ever possibly imagine.

A few days ago, 10X Growth Conference sold out without announcing any of the famous speakers that will dominate the venue this March. Now, here are a few clues that will help you get a better idea about the largest leader of all: 

  • Supremely successful taker of massive action across a number of industries, from business to real estate, media, and more;
  • Multi-billion-dollar net worth; 
  • One of the most recognizable business leaders alive.

Your last chance to experience it LIVE

Trust me, this year’s line-up will blow the roof off your life, career, and business. Do whatever it takes to be part of this because 10X Growth Conference 2022 will go down in history.

Although in-person tickets are officially sold out across the board, you can take advantage of the digital interactive experience from the comfort of your own home — at an insane price point. Pay the price today so you can pay any price in the future.

Hurry up and grab your Growth Con Virtual ticket now. 

So, who do you think is the biggest speaker in Growth Con history? Drop your guess in the comments 👇


  1. How can I participate in the conference? I am from Cameroon and always wanted to attain the conferences organized by Grant Cardone.

    I am his greatest virtual mentee and I will love to attain this conference 2022. It will really have a great impact in my life.

    How can I get an invitation to attain, or the requirement for the conference. I really don’t want to miss this one if given the opportunity. 10X