How to Land a Big Deal

Can you land a massive, monster deal? Would you rather do two or three small deals or one gigantic deal? Small deals are good—they will feed you—but whale deals are where the big money is. You need both kind of deals. Sometimes a $30 book will turn into a $300,000 contract. 7-figure deals take time. That doesn’t mean you can’t inject urgency into the deal, but it might take 200-300 swings at the tree to cut it down—not one swing. Whale hunting is more than just revenue, it means a better reputation and higher prestige. Here are 3 tips to get giant deals: 1.You have to be looking for big deals—Hunt for them. Have your eyes open and be aware of every contact you make. You never know what will lead to the big deal. 2.You have to have a lot of lines in the water—Take massive action in all directions. Use all mechanisms possible whether it be texts, phone messages, social media etc. 3.Jump in prepared to go the distance—You need perseverance because big deals take awhile. You need creativity over time. You need preparation.


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