Developing your business intuition will make you a better leader

And it’ll help you scale your business – through people!

One thing you need to know is that intuition isn’t something you’re born with… it’s something you develop

Developing your business intuition will not only make you a better leader it’ll help you scale your business through people

Many people start a business because they saw an opportunity to do something great. Then they get so busy at doing whatever they’re great at that they don’t amplify and magnify (and multiply) because THEY got themselves in a position where they’re the only one that can do that one great thing.

It’s all about belief

The reason why these business owners don’t amplify, magnify, and multiply is because that’s their belief. They believe that they’re gonna go and start something, and it’s gonna be different and have different results by doing things “differently”. They think they’re gonna separate themselves from the competition, and they get so ingrained and focused on that… that they formulate a false belief that they can’t amplify. That they can’t magnify. That they can’t multiply what works because they’re the only ones who can do it

That’s how you stay small. 

Focus on what’s RIGHT

When you’re so ingrained in what YOU’RE doing, and not paying attention to what others in your business are doing, you lose the ability to be intuitive. This leads you to start focusing on what’s wrong, rather than what’s working and what’s right

See, intuition needs to breathe in your organization… through your people and through you as the leader. 

Know where you’re going

If you truly want to amplify the benefits of intuition, you need to know where you’re going. You’re not gonna get anywhere without knowing with 100% certainty where you want to go. 

You have to align your people with that magnitude, mission, and purpose. You have to work with and understand the things that add the most value. You have to really understand your strengths and your weaknesses, as well as your threats and opportunities. These are the things you should be talking about in your organization ALL THE TIME. 

When you amplify and magnify your discipline, accountability, intentionality, and all the little granular things you do, and you learn to teach people that it’s through their personal stretching, reaching, and challenging, that allows everyone in the organization to continue to magnify and amplify the impact they make individually. 

If you want to become a master at amplifying, magnifying, and multiplying your impact – through people, book a call with my Cardone Ventures team.