Bethenny Clause originator Bethenny Frankel

When she was my guest at 10X Growth Conference 2019, Bethenny Frankel shared the story of how the ‘Bethenny Clause’ left its mark on the entertainment industry.

Bethenny Frankel has used her time on reality TV to launch her Skinnygirl brand into a flourishing business empire. Her megabrand includes everything from cocktail mixes to jeans.

When you become that big and successful so quickly, there are those who are going to come wanting a piece of what they didn’t help create.

This Real Housewives alum had a legal clause named after her because of her foresight — the Bethenny Clause. 

Here is what she shared about it with me at 10X Growth Conference. 

Train wreck of a show — and contract

Reality television is not high-brow entertainment. But Bethenny knew that when she signed on to do The Real Housewives of New York. 

“I thought it was going to be a train wreck of a show with a bunch of women drinking alcohol on it, which is exactly what it was.”

— Bethenny Frankel at 10X Growth Conference 2019

Her intention the whole time was to appear on New York edition of Real Housewives for business purposes. She was thinking in terms of exposure and networking. However, the network had Frankel sign a ridiculous contract before her appearance on the hit series. 

The terms of the agreement were were not exactly fair, to say the least. 

The Bethenny Clause 

In exchange for Bethenny Frankel’s participation the entire first season of The Real Housewives of New York, she received only $7,250. Her makeup and wardrobe cost was deducted from that amount as well. 

They did get away with paying her peanuts, but they didn’t get to take advantage of her. Frankel had enough business sense to include one tiny clause in her contract. 

It was explicitly stated in her contract that the television network would have no rights to her future business ventures she may receive as a result of the show. 

The Aftermath

The Skinnygirl brand launched after the show premiered. This had the network was kicking themselves for not being able to profit from her hard work. In the entertainment industry, this now has the name of the “Bethenny Clause” after her. 

I think it is just so brilliant of Bethenny to have enough wisdom to protect her empire before it reached such great heights. 

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Know your worth as you guard your empire,

Elena Cardone

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