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I get this message a lot from my readers:

“Grant, I want to get your course / go to your event / buy your book, but I don’t have any money.”

I get it – I remember a time when I had no money to improve myself too.

See, I spent most of my 20s broke.

I was unable to hold down most jobs for a long time, and I had a terrible drug problem.

But one day at my sales job, a guy shared a sales training tape with me, and I was hooked.

I remember thinking, “Wow, there are things I can actually DO to control the outcome of a sale?”

I listened to it all in one sitting, and I was ready for more.

So I called the 1-800 number immediately and asked, “What else do you have?”

And the guy said, “We’ve got a training program for $3,000.”

Yeah, I didn’t have that kind of money back then.

But I wasn’t ready to give up yet. 

I called my mom next and said, “I need to borrow three grand.”

You have to understand, this was the first time I’d ever borrowed money after college.

And due to all my bad habits, I’d become the black sheep of the family.

So asking my mother for money like this was NOT easy.

But I knew this was nothing to be ashamed of.

See, I was SO fired up by this training.

I knew deep inside that it was going to transform my career.

And it wasn’t JUST because of the training itself.

Because for the first time ever, I knew I was capable of controlling ANY outcome in my life.

I just had to get the knowledge in that training… and then roll up my sleeves and do the WORK.

That’s why I had the certainty to tell my mother that I would pay her back in thirty days.

After everything I’d put her through, thank God she still believed in me.

So she gave me the three grand… and it changed my career.

Every day, I invested up to an hour watching videos of this trainer explaining sales step-by-step. 

Within 30 days, my production had doubled, and I’d paid my mother back.

Within 9 months, I was in the top 1% in my industry, and I had fallen in love with sales.

Within 5 years, I started a business where I would teach salespeople and sales organizations a new way to sell.

I used the money from my business to invest in my first apartment deal… and became a millionaire in my thirties.

To this date, I’m grateful that I didn’t let my lack of money stop me from dreaming bigger.

I’m grateful that I believed in myself… and my mom believed in me.

In fact, thinking big gave me the conviction to ask my mom for the three grand.

So if you don’t have the three grand to invest in yourself today, ask yourself these questions:

1) Who’s got your money?

2) When are you going to ask them for it?

3) What’s going to give you the CONVICTION to ask them for it?

Because you’re already here, reading the 10X Daily, as part of the 10X movement.

Heck, you’re one of those people who read my emails all the way till the end.

I can tell you’re a committed person, and I believe in you.

It doesn’t matter what course or book you get in the end… or what that critical voice in your head is telling you.

I believe that YOU deserve to invest in yourself first.

So what can you do today to make that happen?

Keeping it real,

Grant Cardone


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