Apple WWDC

Apple has had some slip-ups in recent memory but at this year’s World Wide Developers Conference, also known as Apple WWDC for short…

They plan to impress. 

And impress they did. The company has added features users have asked for for years and the tech giant is finally getting in on the AI race…

Here’s what the event covered. 

Apple WWDC Says “Hello” To Ai

During this year’s Apple WWDC, the largest announcement introduced Apple Intelligence, Apple’s own AI model. 

This software integrates new AI features within your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. The new system will be available on iPhone 15 as well as iPads and Macbooks with an M1 chip.

Apple Intelligence covers a plethora of new features

One of the most anticipated is the ability to create new generative images through messages. Here, you can create new, customizable images and share them with your contacts. 

Another feature makes it so text can be summarized and responded to much smoother. For example, Apple intelligence can rephrase an email you receive…

As well as help you draft up and proofread a response. 

On the big screens at Apple WWDC…

The keynote demonstrated how Apple Intelligence can help prioritize notifications based on personal context. 

Some other fun features include Genmoji, the ability to create new original emojis based on text prompts. 


Now, when you ask the company’s voice assistant a question, Siri can pull up responses using ChatGPT… And it’s all for free. 

You can access the new software directly from your devices without needing to sign into ChatGPT. 

Other Additions

Beyond the new AI capabilities, Apple WWDC answered users’ prayers by adding more levels of customization to the iPhone.

Now, users can freely place app icons on their home screen and customize their colors/themes. 

Beyond the home screen, now users can edit their control center.

Ultimately, this year’s Apple WWDC finally placed Apple as a worthy opponent in the AI wars. Of course, this is great news for OpenAI and Sam Altman specifically who are in deep need of some good press.

While Apple die-hards are always excited for big software updates

We still need to see how the average iPhone user will respond to the new integration. 

While it seemed like every big announcement from the company shared the same old news…

Now it’s certain: Apple is changing forever.  

Be Great, 

GCTV Staff

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