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Last month at its annual developer conference, Apple announced its integration of ChatGPT to products later this year. But, the tech juggernaut faces serious red tape in getting these features ready on time. This article covers what those challenges are — and how time is running out… 

Apple Can’t Put ChatGPT Where it Ain’t Welcome…

One of the highlights of the Apple World Wide Developers Conference was the presentation of their new AI model. From a partnership with OpenAI, the popular tool ChatGPT would work within Apple features like Siri. 

For the iPhone manufacturer, this was its opportunity to catch up in the AI race. There is just a pretty big problem… 


That being said, it is not impossible for the industry leader to roll out its Apple Intelligence. They just have to get approval from the Cyberspace Administration of China. 

Which, more than likely, will require Apple to obtain a Chinese AI partner. 

Further, time is of the essence. Especially if Apple wants to have the approval in place before the next iPhone model launch in the Fall… 

Time is Ticking for Apple to Make a Deal

As we mentioned, it is not out of the question for the new iPhone to have AI used in their products in China. 

However, acquiring a Chinese partner could mean Apple won’t have the branded ChatGPT within those devices. In short, a less-developed artificial intelligence model. 

Senior director of IDC Research, Nabila Popal, told CNN:

“Apple is very likely to seek a local partner in China in place of OpenAI, because simply put, it needs to. Chinese consumers are expecting their premium phones to have the latest AI functionality and may hesitate to spend over $1000 for devices that don’t have all the AI bells and whistles.” 

No matter how it gets done, the brand must get it done. They simply cannot afford another poor launch like the Apple Vision Pro or iPad. 

We’ll just have to see if they can beat the clock.

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