In August of 2021, political turmoil in Afghanistan reached unfathomable heights. Taliban forces raided the country’s capital. This led to the loss of many lives and, ultimately, the collapse of the Afghan government. The U.S State Department acted quickly and implemented a plan to aid Afghan refugees. On Sept. 2021, The Afghan Placement and Assistance Program.

The Grant Cardone Foundation decided to start a GoFundMe which we named, “American Aid for Allies,” to raise money for Church World Service Miami. CWS is the affiliated charity implementing the State Department’s Afghan refugee program in South Florida. 

We were overwhelmed by the generous response of everyone who donated. The GoFundMe raised $9,375 within three days of its launch. One hundred percent of these funds are being donated to Church World Services to help support their efforts. 

About Church World Services

Providing American aid for allies is a huge undertaking. However, CWS is rising to the challenge and going above and beyond. They have received 200 refugees so far, and plan to receive at least that number in the coming months. 

Church World Services is helping those coming to the United States from Afghanistan by providing food, clothing and housing. The organization is also assisting these individuals with the daunting processes of visas and citizenship. Job search and relocation resources are available as well, so those displaced by Taliban raids have every chance to succeed here in the U.S. 

It always has an impact on a global scale when events like the one in Afghanistan occur. The heartache is always felt around the world. That is why when groups like Church World Services step up to the plate in such a big way, we want to help. 

You can donate to CWS Miami at and be a part of the effort to aid our allies. 


  1. Hi Grant,
    This is a great initiative.
    May I humbly suggest that you use instead of GoFundMe in the future.
    I don’t know if you’ve been following what GoFundMe did to the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraising, where over $10M was raised and they froze the funds and refused to distribute them. What they did makes them unworthy of the support of freedom loving individuals.
    All the donors have to get their money back and start over on GiveSendGo.
    I hope that this is something that you will consider.
    Keep up the great work!


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