A True Story About Objections


Today I’m continuing the Secrets of Closing the Sale series.

And I’m going to tell you a story about objections.

It’s a true story.  And it’s a simple story.  But it has the power to forever change your sales results.

But before I tell you the story… 

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Now, to the story…

When Price is the Objection

(Not What You Think)

I was at an event one time where people were raising funds for a charity.  It was a great charity.  And they had a fantastic fundraising team.

One of the fundraisers in particular was a beast.  She easily pulled in more donations than the others.  But on this day, she was frustrated.

She’d spent a lot of time with a potential donor.  The guy had the wherewithal (money).  He loved the mission of the charity (buy in).  But he wouldn’t pull the trigger.

“He’s just cheap,” she told me.  “He’s got the funds, but just won’t part with them – even though he loves what we’re doing.”

In other words, she thought money was the objection.  Not that he didn’t have it… but he didn’t want to part with it.

I’d been watching them talking.  And I knew she was wrong.

So, I asked her how much she was asking him for.

“$10,000,” she said.  “But he won’t do it.”

“He’s not cheap,” I said… “$10K is not enough!”

What Happened Next Amazed Her

I sat down with the guy and got right to the point.

“Ten grand isn’t enough, is it?,” I asked him.

“No, ten thousand won’t do squat to help the cause.”

“Ok, why don’t you make it a hundred grand then?”

And that’s exactly what he did.

Whole thing took about 15 seconds.

Here’s how you can apply this to whatever you sell…

Sometimes price is NOT the real objection.  Instead, the prospect is really objecting to the product.  They have no confidence the product you showed them will solve their problem.

And the answer to that objection can be as simple as giving them a higher-priced product – and yourself a higher commission.

The key is getting in your prospect’s head.  And that takes some skill.

Keeping it real…

– Grant “Master Closer” Cardone

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