5000 Role Models

When the Grant Cardone Foundation received the opportunity to work with the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project, we were delighted. Not only was the event a success, but it foretold great things in the future… 

On December 12, 2022, we welcomed 100 young men to the 10X Headquarters for the flagship session. 

For context, the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project is dedicated to providing the support necessary to salvage our youth. The adult male Role Models are trained to guide the young men. 

The program has made a visible difference to those enrolled. It was evident in the courteousness and appreciation of all the young guests present, as well as the 10X Team. 

After the young men toured the Aventura office, Grant Cardone himself gave a lively presentation on financial literacy and the ins and outs of real estate… 

Additionally, Grant gave $100 bills to the boys for participation and for answering questions correctly.


However, there was a moment where everyone present was touched by the impact of 5000 Role Models of Excellence…

10X and 5000 Role Models Go Way Back

Aside from Grant Cardone, other members of various departments spoke to the young men. As it turns out, 5000 Role Models has been creating big thinkers and go-getters for some time… 

One of our top salesmen, Cornelius Brown, was enrolled in the 5000 Role Models of Excellence program as a youth. His story both moved and inspired all who were present with its relatability and ultimate triumph. 

5000 Role Models

Afterwards, the Grant Cardone Foundation announced the launch of the internship initiative alongside the invaluable program. 

The young men who wish to participate have the opportunity to choose a department they’d like to pursue and intern in that field. In total, there will be four events of this kind where the boys have a chance to participate.   

All in all, it was an honor to have 5000 Role Models in our offices and get the opportunity to help shape their future

We cannot wait to share more successes and updates from this program with you in future posts!

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