Past 10X Growth Conference performer 50 Cent is famous for impressive feats in the worlds of hip hop and business. Touted as one of the last true gangster rappers, his legendary status starts with surviving nine gunshots. Then, it continues with creating a legacy… 

Artistically, 50 Cent is a founding member of the G-Unit megagroup. He has also worked with cutting-edge rappers such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and The Game. 

On the other hand, do you know Curtis Jackson the producer, boxing promoter, and author

In this article, we’re going to tell you how 50 Cent does it all in business and beyond… 

Determined to “Get Rich or Die Trying”

Much like the name of his first studio album, Fiddy has aggressively made big business moves. Although the ventures came with significant risks, they also had the potential for huge rewards

While many artists try to make the move from music to film, very few do so as successfully as LL Cool J or Ice Cube. 

50 Cent took a slightly different approach, which pays him to this day

He became an executive producer for the Starz show, “Power”. Upon its success, the rapper reportedly signed a four-year contract with the network, valued at $150 million. 

However, the “In Da Club” rapper also cashed in on his physical appearance… 

Endorsements to Investments: 50 Cent’s Business Ventures

From his debut, the rapper was well-known for his physique. As a result, in 2004, Vitamin Water began an endorsement campaign featuring 50 Cent worth $100 million. 

During the relationship, sales of the sports drink increased from $100 million a year to $700 million. Sounds like it worked out for both parties. 

50 Cent’s athletic and sports ventures don’t end there. Alongside Floyd Mayweather, he invested and found the wildly profitable TMT (The Money Team) boxing brand. 

Believe it or not, between all that, 50 Cent makes time to write books… 

G-Unit Books

Despite the fact that his literary career is not so publicized, Mr. P.I.M.P is a well-established author!

50 Cent’s first book was his autobiography, “From Pieces to Weight”, in 2005. After penning his life story earned him a total of $1.9 million, he partnered with MTV/Pocketbooks for a publishing deal and created G-Unit Books. 

Since that time, he has gone on to author and publish 16 books in total

In conclusion, 50 Cent is more than a music mogul; he is a bonafide business giant. For further proof, his current estimated net worth is around $40 million

As a businessman and an artist, the sky’s the limit on what he decides to do next…

And we’ll be here watching.In the meantime, if you want to be inspired by more celebrity speakers and performers, secure your seat at 10X Growth Conference 2023.

Featured image source: 50 Cent / Instagram via SOHH / Twitter

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