Learning how to grow your income is essential for creating massive success for yourself. Today, I’ll walk you through how to create multiple streams of income in your 20s, 50s, and beyond.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:


Success is created by those who have no limits in terms of ideas, creativity, ingenuity, talent, intelligence, originality, persistence, and determination. 

So, what can you do to grow your income?

1Invest in yourself

Spend your money on developing new skills, gaining knowledge, and making powerful connections.

You can never lose when you invest in yourself. Invest in yourself so that you can grow your income to massive levels. Adding skills and your value will increase in the marketplace.

Once your value is up, you’ll be ready to start making investments in smart passive income ideas. Take your money and use it to become better at everything you create.

2Invest in your business

Be specific with what you want out of your business, how long it will take to get it, and how much it will cost. Then, map out the exact steps you need to take to make it a reality.

In addition, write down massive goals and targets that you need to hit in order to accomplish what you want.

Be consistent and be disciplined. Stay on track and do the work. Take a risk and invest in your business to create the growth that you need for your future.

3Invest in real assets

Real estate has been proven for many years to be the preferred investment of the 1 percent. Why? It produces income!

Go after a big play. That means putting all your money in a great deal. Invest in multifamily properties and go after monster deals that produce massive income.

Whether you choose to invest in real estate or something else, look for ways to increase your income from home. That means cash flow. The saying “cash is king” is there for a reason. 

Keep the money coming and put it away. Be smart. Position yourself to get rich for sure by making big plays on sure things! The goal is to produce multiple streams of income.

To sum up everything, take the time to do the research, get the skills that you need, and become the first multi-millionaire in your family by taking action. 

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Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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