Millionaire Decision Illustration

There’s a decision I want you to make today.  I’d like to see you make it right now, in fact.

It’s a decision I made myself a long time ago…

And I remember the moment I made it so vividly, I can still feel the wood of the kitchen chair underneath my butt!

I was 16 years old.  I’d just made a decision to become filthy-rich.  And I’d just told my mom about it.

It wasn’t a conversation that went well, believe me.  

I told her I was sick of us scratching around for a living, and I didn’t want to grow up feeling as afraid as she was.  I told her I wanted to be rich.  Filthy-rich.

She took it even worse than I expected.  I saw a flicker of rage in her eyes and then she threw a glass across the room at me!

It struck my knee and gashed it open.  And right then — as the blood started to run down my shin –  that was the moment I’d made my “Millionaire Decision.”

I’ll keep saying this until my face turns blue…

You’ll never hit your true wealth-building potential unless you make the decision to become wealthy, first.  

It’s a conscious and deliberate step you must take.  

Trust me… you will NOT be able to make more sales, scale your business, or grow your wealth without making it.  It’s essential.

But, look… after you’ve made the decision to become wealthy, you have to start taking action.

And I failed for a long time in this area.

Despite making my “Millionaire Decision” at such a young age, I didn’t understand the significance of it.  How could I? I was only 16!  

It wasn’t until I was 25 years old that I started to push forward and act on my decision.

Moving forward is easier than you probably imagine, too.

You see, you don’t need to believe in yourself.

You heard that right.

Forget about self-belief right now.  That will come.  Self-belief will become important… but not until later.

In the early days, right after you’ve made your “Millionaire Decision”, it’s time for you to look around and start believing in other people.

Can it be done? 

Has someone else already achieved it? 

If there are a million or more pieces of paper out there with George Washington’s face on ‘em, has someone else already found a way to collect a million of ‘em?

I’m telling you — you can start with nothing.  Without so much as a shred of belief in yourself.  The first step is simply believing that it’s possible, for other people.

That’s how 10X success starts…

You only have to commit to the decision, and then start believing in others before you even believe in yourself.

But if you want to see this principle in action…

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This is a decision you should act on right now!

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Keeping it real,

Grant Cardone

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