Get ready — 10X Studios finally has six shows that will be in production. They will be covering topics including entrepreneurship, business, money-making, and stories of extraordinary success.

Earlier this year, Grant Cardone partnered up with filmmaker and TV producer Aengus James to create 10X Studios. The new film and TV production and financing studio will showcase content about extraordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things.

But what exactly is the main goal of the new venture? The multi-content platform has the goal of “disrupting traditional production/distribution and bringing content to the masses that will enrich their lives.”

“We wanted to produce a new lineup of shows that help to spark that flame of ambition and drive in people to really go for their business dreams. (…) I want to show the blood, sweat, and tears it will take to really make it.”

— Grant Cardone on 10X Studios

6 Shows 10X Studios Has Lined Up so Far

1The Real Deal (In Production)

Are YOU the real deal?

In this reality show series, Grant will be searching for real investors who are looking to put their reputations on the line. He’s looking for accomplished real estate investors (or flippers) to beginners looking to get their first deal.

Three finalists will be mentored and then will compete for a chance to win a fully-funded deal from Grant.

2Whatever It Takes

Get ready for the ultimate job interview.

Twelve hungry and ambitious entrepreneurs get the opportunity of a lifetime. They’ll compete for a chance to win a million-dollar investment and mentorship from Grant.

But first — they must prove that they’re willing to do whatever it takes.

3For Love or Money (In Production)

First-time home buyers are shown three options.

They’ll first bid on the home of their dreams. After that, they’ll see two other options — a multifamily property they can live in while making money. Then, an unexpected investment opportunity in real estate that provides the highest ROI.

The choice is theirs. Will they choose love or money?

4How to Get Rich in America (Now Casting)

There’s more than one way to make millions.

In this docuseries, top CEOs and successful entrepreneurs will get mentored by some of the most successful and respected business coaches in the world.

Each episode will focus on a different way to make millions of dollars.

5Millennial Investor (Working Title // Now Casting)

The show will focus on any investor under 35 who has a unique approach to investing.

Millennials are investing more than any other generation, and their criteria for investing is different than the generations that came before them.

Their choices are based more on a personal relationship to the cause and/or the person behind the business.

6Mini Moguls (Working Title // Now Casting)

It’s time to focus on young, budding, and new talent.

This business series will follow the lives of five child CEOs and how each of them tries to grow and expand their businesses.

10X Studios is looking for the brightest people who are hungry for success. If you think you have what we are looking for then apply to be on one of our 10X Studios shows now!

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