10X Stages Partnership

We are excited to share the announcement of 10X Stages, a new partnership between Grant Cardone and Pete Vargas.

The public reveal of the partnership happened at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference. The event took place on March 25-27, 2022, at The Diplomat Beach Resort. 

This year’s 10X Growth Conference was an event that featured celebrities, industry leaders, and a former U.S. president. However, Grant Cardone wasn’t going to stop there. 

10X Stages is a platform in collaboration with Pete Vargas, “The Stage Whisperer,” to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn to speak on large stages. That way they can scale their audience and get their message to the world. 

Pete Vargas has worked with dynamic speakers like Stormy Wellington and Grant himself to strengthen their impacts.

“Stages made me who I am. You cannot make an impact without stages. This is a tremendous opportunity for men and women to take their businesses to the next level. Pete is the best in the world at this. 

Pete can show you how anyone can get a stage, control the stage, and then multiply that stage. He offered something I knew we needed but didn’t have — a way to teach, educate, and help people get booked frequently on larger stages, share their high-impact message, and get paid well for it,” Grant Cardone shared about the 10X Stages partnership.

Working together, Cardone and Vargas see tremendous opportunities to give people real tools to use speaking and stages to increase their impact and income. 

For more information about the new partnership, visit the official 10X Stages website.

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