Ean Bowie AKA Director Eannn 10X Pitch Off Winner

You know the first place winner of the Grant Cardone Foundation’s 10X Pitch Off had to be impressive to wow the judges. That is certainly true about 17-year-old Ean Bowie, founder Director Eannn Media… 

Ean’s subscription content creation and production company scored him the $10,000 top prize. But he had to overcome tough obstacles to even get to the competition.  

In the fifth grade, Bowie’s mother passed away. As a result, he has been living with his father and other siblings ever since. Also, the young man often found he had trouble controlling his feelings. 

The Impact of Community, Support, and Mentorship

However, when Ean entered the ninth grade, he got involved with Tumaini DC — 10X Pitch Off partner organization — and that’s when things took a turn for the better.

While in the program, Portia Richardson, the Founder and Executive Director of Tumaini DC, became a second mother to him and helped him every step of the way.

After overcoming his emotional challenges, he discovered that he loved storytelling through film. 

“Don’t be afraid to create!” — Ean Bowie

Besides playing basketball and trying new restaurants with his friends, Ean found that he enjoyed capturing life through a camera lens. You can see several of his short documentaries on his YouTube channel, Director Eannn.

“I started my company because I saw the value in a camera and how I can use it as a weapon for those who need their story shared!”

— Ean Bowie

Ean Bowie loves collaborating with people from all walks of life.

By doing so, he is then able to incorporate different perspectives into his films. 

The teen entrepreneur plans on using his prize money to buy equipment so he can make higher quality films. 

His parting words of the interview were:

“I’m about to 10X my life and no one is going to see it coming.”

However, many of us at the 10X Headquarters have an idea of how far this ambitious, young director is going to go. 

We can’t wait to see it!

Featured image courtesy of Ean Bowie

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