Brooke Weaver 10X Pitch Off Winner

On August 18, 2022, the Grant Cardone Foundation held its most recent 10X Pitch Off. Although the competition was stiff, Brooke Weaver won third place and $5,000. This is the story behind the teen nail tech winner and why she created Jazzicure Nailz…

At the 10X Pitch Off, teen entrepreneurs from Tumaini DC presented their ideas to Grant and the 10X executive team for the chance at prize money for their burgeoning businesses.

Among the winners was 16-year-old Brooke Weaver, who took home the third place prize for her premium mobile nail tech business.

Comfort, Self-Expression, and Safe Haven

Jazzicure Nailz is a company where a nail tech comes to you, for more than a way to get a quick manicure. 

While Weaver’s favorite part about her business is its flexibility, she also wants people of color to be appreciated in the beauty industry. 

“I want my services to be a safe haven for self-expression,” Brooke says. “I want you to associate my company with the word comfort.”

However, the mobile manicurist admits that overcoming self-confidence issues was a huge obstacle for developing her business.

Nevertheless, she hasn’t let that or inexperience keep her from pursuing her goals. 

Brooke Weaver Encourages Entrepreneurs to “Do It Anyway” 

In her 10X Pitch Off presentation, Brooke Weaver let everyone know that she is more than you think she is. Despite there being several beauty-based contestants, Weaver and Jazzicure Nailz took the third place award. 

When asked what her advice to other entrepreneurs would be after winning, Brooke replied: 

“If you have an idea that you think will help someone, do it even if you don’t have the resources.” 

Brooke’s ambition truly shined through her pitch, which ultimately led to her being awarded not $1,000 (as initially planned) — but $5,000 in seed money.

The 16-year-old plans to use the funds for more materials and marketing for her mobile salon. 

Keep checking back for future GCF events like the 10X Pitch Off, as well as news and updates on the business-savvy winners! 

Photo credits: PROLIFIC FILMS

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