Stormy Wellington

Welcome to the first 10X Ladies spotlight on Stormy Wellington

For National Women’s History month, I thought it would be a great idea to feature some of the incredible women in the 10X ecosystem. Stormy has been a speaker at my 10X Ladies events, but she also is the #1 health and wellness multilevel marketer in the world. Not only that, she has such an inspiring story. I knew she would be perfect to feature first in this series. 

Here is the amazing journey of Stormy Wellington.

Better Than a Cinderella Story

Stormy will be the first to tell you that her upbringing was difficult. Her mother struggled with substance abuse and was in and out of prison throughout Stormy’s life. As a result, she and her brother were placed in the care of someone she viewed as an aunt. 

Unfortunately, she was physically abused by her “aunt,” and this started her down a dark road that a weaker person wouldn’t have been able to get through. She ended up becoming a stripper at age 13, dropping out in the ninth grade, and becoming a teenage mother. 

“My mother taught me that getting one over on people was winning… But it didn’t feel right to me.”,

Stormy explained while talking about how she started to change her life. “I looked around and decided I didn’t like my life anymore. I saw there were other types of successful people and decided I was going to do that too.” 

Stormy Wellington has a better story than Cinderella’s in my opinion. She EARNED her glass slipper. 

Stormy’s Driving Force

After that decision, Stormy moved to Atlanta where she saw other African Americans succeeding. She proclaims that knowing other people used ethical ways to become successful was critical to her success. It was in 2008 when she got connected with Total Life Changes and climbed her way to the top of the multilevel marketing food-chain. There her nickname “Coach Stormy” is synonymous with the best of the best. 

But when I asked her what keeps pushing her to keep expanding her empire, she said:

“My driving force is I want people to look at me. I want to be an example for people like me… Other people have to look at me and have no excuses.” 

Stormy is an exemplary 10X Lady and I can’t wait to share more women like her in future articles. 

Build Your Empire,

Elena Cardone  

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