10X Kids University Recording Session

Since the launch of 10X Kids University in Spring 2022, it has revolutionized financial literacy education as we know it. Nonetheless, we decided to go a step further and get real-life kids to record for the ever-growing curriculum. Here is a look at some of the behind-the-scenes magic of the 10X Kids University recording sessions… 

On January 3, three professional actors aged 7-14 years old were invited to 10X HQ in Aventura to create additional content for 10X Kids University. 

The young actors’ names are Mila Krykhtun, Hazael Lynton, and Chloe Yhon. All three were selected from dozens of audition tapes and after vigorous interviews. 

We soon found out that these professionals were more than up to the task… 

10X Kids University Recording — by Kids, for Kids 

The young talent was tasked with recording five to seven “kidified” Cardone University segments in our state-of-the-art studio. 

They were given the choice of which portions they wanted to record and… 


Their professionalism didn’t stop there either. Although we reserved the studio for the actors to record from 9 AM to 5 PM, all three flawlessly completed their segments by lunchtime

After that, Mila, Hazael, and Chloe all traded contact information — networking in true 10X fashion. Additionally, every one of them was given access to Cardone University for their efforts to help fuel their future successes. 

Commitment to Success Knows No Age

In conclusion, we are so impressed with the first group of young people who helped bring 10X Kids University to life. 

There will be further updates once their content is available on the financial literacy platform. 

But as we mentioned earlier, we are continually dropping new lessons into 10X Kids University

As such, we are looking for more talented youth to be featured. If you are interested or know someone who is, go to 10xkidsuniversity.com/casting

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