Woobly, a Tech Start-up Transforming Ultra Luxury Dining, is Accepted by the 10X Incubator.

Woobly, a tech start-up transforming ultra-luxury dining, got accepted into 10X incubator
Satyaveer Paul
  • Out of over 11,000 startup applications, Satyaveer Paul was accepted by 10X Incubator. He will co-found a company in the US with Grant Cardone and Incubator co-founder Jared Yellin.
  • Woobly, led by Satyaveer Paul is the only Indian, to be selected so far.
  • 10X Incubator aims to build, scale and sell 10,000 tech companies in 10 years.

Recently, The 10X Incubator accepted Satyaveer Paul to co-found a company in the US with Grant Cardone and Jared Yellin. Satyaveer was selected out of over 11,000 ideas submitted and is the only Indian to be part of the 10X Incubator so far. As a 10X Incubator portfolio company, Woobly Holdings, LLC will bring to market a smart IoT device, Woobly | WaiterLITE, which looks like a lamp but acts as a digital assistant to the guests and waiters.

Woobly enables ultra-luxury restaurants to deliver impeccable dining experiences. The company built the iconic product WaiterLITE and tested with over 40+ luxury restaurants in India, Singapore, United States, and Dubai, and received huge demand. Woobly’s moon shot is to be the world’s most powerful luxury brand in the dining industry by 2030.

Speaking on the achievement, Mr. Satyaveer Paul said,

Our team had to undergo a series of rounds and due diligence in front of Ideas Review Committee at 10X. We are proud and excited to be part of the 10X Incubator ecosystem and look forward to creating incredible products which will transform the ultra-luxury dining experience.

Following the acquisition of Woobly, Jarred Yellin stated, “We will achieve this by finding the RIGHT person, with the RIGHT idea, in the RIGHT market, and with the RIGHT business model into our portfolio. Satyaveer is more than RIGHT, and I am very honored we have been able to partner.”

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