Ever since we wrapped up last year’s event, people have been asking me, “What is the 10X Growth Conference location for 2023?

And that’s one of the tough questions I have to confront each year.  

When making this decision, I have to think about all the moving parts of the 10X Growth Conference:

  • How do I get my team there?
  • What venue will support the number of seats we’ll be selling out this time?
  • What talent do we need to create a 10X experience?

For this reason, I collect feedback from attendees and consult my executive team before we look at potential 10X Growth Con locations. 

But ultimately, your Uncle G makes the final call. 

Now that I’ve made the call and the ink is dry on the deal, I can OFFICIALLY let the rest of you know. 

Back to the Beginning for the 10X Growth Conference Location in 2023

First and foremost, I always have two major goals for the 10X Growth Conference. Number one, help everyone who comes. Number two, entertain attendees with the experience of a lifetime. 

Immediately after looking at it that way, the choice was clear. 

And memories of a particular Growth Con came flooding back. 

I remembered over 12,800 people from over 30 countries surrounding me on stage. 

I can still see the incredible fire dance that set the tone for the rest of the event. 

Can you guess it yet?

In 2023, the location of the 10X Growth Conference will be the one and only… Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Events of the last couple years have forced Growth Con to be more intimate, but we’re ready to open the 10X floodgates. 

Seats are already selling out fast, so make sure to grab your tickets while you still can.

See ya there!

Be Great,

Grant Cardone



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