Tax season is here. People are looking for ways to spend or invest their money. You or your business will have to up your game if you want them to buy from you. You just have to offer the #1 thing your customer will pay for. 

Read on to discover how to add value to your product without lowering your price. 

Why Your Customer Will Pay More for This

Before I tell you the #1 thing your customer will pay for, I will share with you why. People will pay more to feel good than a great product. In some cases, they will spend money on what makes them feel good over things they need. 

Entire businesses are built around this basic principle. Luxury and designer brands, the entertainment, and service industries immediately come to mind. Many times the products they offer are not significantly better than their competitors who have a similar offer at a lower price. The difference is the service. The company with the higher quality of service, not the lower price will win the sale.

How can you ensure that you always deliver quality service? You have to have a great attitude. 

Great Attitude is Worth More than a Great Product.

It’s pretty easy to see why a great attitude is the #1 thing your customer will pay for. When someone is positive and treats you like you can do something, you’re more likely to do it even if you’re unsure you can. The same is true with your prospective customers. Positivity = Results. 

Having a great attitude with your clients 100% of the time will earn you more sales or at least get you further in the sales process. You can do all of this without lowering your price. 

If you are having difficulty staying positive, check out my 100 Ways to Stay Motivated module on Cardone University to help maintain your attitude. 

Be Great. 

Grant Cardone


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